Friends of Egolisquash


Canada Ontario Racket Club- Creating Real and Lasting Change for Egolisquash programme Through the initiative of four Canadian ladies team- Rita Bloem, Judy Ross, Alison Madden and Sally Philp  an Egolisquash fundraiser tournament which involved playing softball doubles on a singles court, was held in Canada on the 2nd of December 2016. Around 20 people came out, and all had a great time.

Approximately 160 pounds of gear, including rackets , pairs of squash shoes, squash bags, and loads of squash clothing and cash donations were raised.We are proud of the Ladies who have forged an international partnership with Egolisquash and continue to support all our efforts in changing lives through squash.Our thanks also go to Lesley Cowan  who initiated this great relationship at the World Masters Squash 2016  tournament.


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