Give without costing you a cent



We need your help to create a world where every child has a sporting chance. Together, we can help reduce poverty, and increase a disadvantaged child’s chances of achieving excellence in sport, in school and in life. Egolisquash is providing community-minded people like you an opportunity to support a worthy cause to their heart, without costing them a cent. You can support Egolisquash through the My Village/My School fundraising programme every time you shop.


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How does it work?

  • For existing My School card supporters, you can add Egolisquash as your second beneficiary. Alternatively, if you want to change from your current beneficiary to support Egolisquash then you can indicate this on the new application form.
  • For new members who want to be part of the My School programme; complete the application form and get your free My Village/My School swipe card (no monthly fees, no costs to you).
  • Swipe your card at any of the following shops;

-       Woolworths

-       Toys r Us

-       Reggie’s

-       Engen; Quick Shop; Supa Quick tyre experts

-       My School Travel



                 -        Bidvest Waltons

-       Altech Netstar 


  • A small percentage of your transaction will be allocated to Egolisquash (the partner stores actually pay the donation on your behalf!).
  • As a cardholder you qualify for special discounts on certain service products from any of these shops.
  • The supporter card is not a credit or debit card but simply tracks your transactions and your funds raised.                                                     

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