Colts Future Champions Programme: Developing Champions from Disadvantaged Communities

“Our Colts Future Champions programme equips athletes with an understanding of the elite athlete lifestyle, the importance of balancing different life areas and the positive effects that that can have on sports performance. The Colts Future Champions program aims to assist young aspiring athletes to engage in healthy behaviours and make positive decisions which will enable them to successfully enter and then progress along the high performance pathway”.


Colts Future Champions Programme Objectives

  • To provide talented Inner-city, Soweto and Alexandra players with structured support to enable them to reach their full potential
  • To offer an extensive range of first class support services, top-level coaching to nurture and develop these players into elite athletes.
  • To provide excellent techniques, physical fitness, mental strength and instill dedication and sports discipline.
  • Help aspiring young players to improve the level of their competition skills in a supportive, positive, and inspiring environment.
  •  Build a strong pool of competitive CFC players capable of performing successfully both at national and international competitions.

Features of Colts Future Champions Programme

  • Professional coaching
  • Strength and Conditioning  
  • Nutrition Support
  • Training camps

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The success of every athlete enrolled in the program is due to the highly effective systems that have been put into place over the two years. These include weekly scheduled High Performance sessions; performance nutrition education and other structures that ensure that best results are obtained from each individual player.


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Colts Future Champions Creed 

Champions get up more times than they have been knocked down.
Champions give their all no matter the score.
Champions do what is right even when it hurts.
Champions know winning is not necessarily measured by the final score.
Champions take a stand for what is right, even when they stand alone.
Champions see every challenge as an opportunity.
Champions make those around them better.
Champions do the right thing even when no one is watching.
Champions dedicate themselves to prepare for success.
Champions put the success of others above individual achievement.
Champions understand winning in not the only thing.
Champions live by a higher personal standard.
Champions stand firm when others around them fall.
Champions live what they speak and speak what they live.
Champions lay down their own desires for the benefit of others.
Champions willingly accept responsibility, and graciously deflect honor.
Champions never sacrifice what is best for something good.
Champions may fail… but they never quit!!!