Community Service: Creating Positive Change In Our Communities


“We believe that every child has the potential to be a leader: a world leader, a community leader, a leader at school, or a leader in the home. By fostering access to peer leadership skills, we are working to ensure that both girls and boys have the chance to learn the skills necessary to reach their goals and contribute to their communities.”


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Egolisquash strives to motivate young people to become involved in a balanced programme of voluntary self-development community activities and leadership activities.The program is designed to motivate, recognize and reward youth, while providing them with the opportunity to explore and become involved in a range of areas including, academic achievement, squash, discipline and commitment. The structure of the program not only rewards and recognizes youth participants for their commitment but also sets achievable goals to encourage on-going participation across a range of Egolisquash activities while promoting leadership skills, personal development and social interaction with peers.


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We have further expanded the program to include volunteers and working with our Central Gauteng schools committee, we have launched our community services program encouraging all kids and people to give to our squash community.Volunteers attend our study and life skills programs and in so doing, give back to our community.