Education Access, Beating Poverty and Unlocking Prosperity
Our Homework Support programme create a deep well of opportunities for the less privileged learners and bring about a window through which they have come to realize their potential and continue to grow and nurture it.
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For most of our players, access to education is difficult due to family financial constraints, large families per household and parents who struggle to survive by doing odd jobs. Most of the family incomes are basically oriented to first needs such as food and shelter; and in most cases cannot afford the high cost of school fees and school materials, such as exercise books and texts.  Egolisquash has however, made huge strides this year in its ‘Help Me To Read’ programme to promote academic achievement for its players who face socio-economic challenges. 
Egolisquash has managed to set up ten book collection drives and over a thousand books, educational toys and eight computers were donated. Two libraries were set up in two of our centers, in the inner-city and Soweto. An online library management system was set up and several kids taught to run it.