Learning to Live: Youth Skills for Life


Egolisquash Programme since 2009; has made Life Skills education one of their core goals so as to promote and build a strong community of youth who take responsibility for their lives as well as their community and live healthy lives. Focus is on educating kids aged 12-19 years of age such that if they are better informed about the overwhelming costs and responsibilities of teen pregnancies, STIs and HIV/AIDS and then they may make alternative decisions about engaging in risky sexual behaviors. 


Egolisquash continues to create a legacy of ‘ubuntu’ values and equip youth with life skills to make personal and social decisions to carry with them throughout their lives. Through the guidance of social service organizations has helped youth learn important health and social issues including HIV/AIDs awareness, teen pregnancy, career guidance, drugs and substance abuse, self esteem. We have made partnerships with AIDS counselling and youth focused social service organizations across the country which include Shout It Now, SANCA, Siyakha Ingomso, Youth Life Skills and Gauteng West College for Career Guidance.
While squash is always fun, it is through play that we educate children about vital life skills. That knowledge and confidence is helping them create change for themselves and be responsible South African citizens.