School Squash


“In a country so well known for its sporting prowess, many learners at townships and inner-city schools are not receiving the benefits of physical and sporting development. Schools do not have adequate resources to offer extra-mural or sport development facilities. Egolisquash is working hard to reverse this condition by making squash a sport that is accessible and help increase a disadvantaged child’s chances of achieving excellence in sport, in school and in life”


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Over the years, Egolisquash involved its players in squash training, competitive leagues and tournaments and achieved the following:

  • Egolisquash worked tirelessly with the School Governing Boards (SGBs) and Sports Coordinators from the Inner-city, Soweto and Alex areas and managed to develop the sport of squash as a sporting code for 15 High Schools and 20 Primary schools from these areas.
  • We managed to engage learners to play competitive squash in our 2nd annual Egolisquash Inner-city schools D-11 Cluster League- A total of thirty –six teams entered the league, 11 High School Girls teams; 17 High School Boys teams; 10 Primary Boys teams and 8 primary school girls teams.
  • Our local tournaments such as the Heritage Day, Youth Day and Inner-city vs. Soweto ensured that the learners have more game time and further develop their level of play.
  • Social groups are open to all kids who live near our centres where they train and play every Saturday. More than sixty kids attend these training session at each centre every week.Our vision is not just squash but to give the kids an opportunity to play a sport, get fit, have fun, self-discipline and build self-image.

“Our Mass Participation Programme has enabled us to unearth great squash talent from the learners. Despite difficulties and challenging circumstances these players have demonstrated strength of character to achieve significant heights in life through squash”.


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Egolisquash is a registered non-profit organisation and a Public benefit organisation.