Glenn Lazarus

Central Gauteng Squash Executive Member

Program Director

Portfolio Mass Participation

Lawrence Dlamini Inner-City Co-ordinator
Dikana Mthombeni Coaching and Project Co-ordinator
Sharon Sibanda

Mass Participation Co-ordinater


Leadership Development

The phenomenal growth in our Egolisquash program has been due to the commitment of our community leaders. This includes Sharon Sibanda, Dikana Mthombeni and Lawrence Dlamini.Both Sharon and Lawrence are community members form the Inner-City and have driven the project because of this.


Lawrence Dlamini

Lawrence has been the driver and founder behind youth squash and is the coordinator of this area. He has the community and youth as one of his priorities in life and has built a relationship with the kids, they trust and confide in him. He is not just a coach but a mentor.

Lawrence can be seen going to school early in the mornings doing “the Squash road show” which is his fun way of introducing squash to the schools.

Sharon Sibanda


Sharon, a psychologist by training, has not only coached and introduced hundreds of kids to the game but she has added a life skills dimension to our program that assist the kids to deal with day to day issues they face in the Inner-City.HIV/AIDS prevention is another area that Sharon has worked in and she presents this as part of our life skills courses.She has a great passion for kids and an enthusiasm that speaks for it self.

Most Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays she is at the UJ courts managing and coaching the hundreds of kids that flock to the courts.On weekends they are both ready to assist and accompany the kids to training session and tournaments.

Dikana Mthombeni

During the year Dikana has changed the lives of many kids in Soweto and the JHB Inner-city by introducing them to the game of squash, coaching them at the game, introducing self-discipline and fitness skills while having fun.
Dikana is a great mentor, coach and friend to many of the children who have not had the opportunity to participate in the past.
Dikana has been the squash coach behind our youth programs and has been pioneering the way to deal with hundreds of kids who attend training session while having only two courts to play on. This is real mass participation.
While most coaches deal with a few kids at a time or a group, Dikana can deal with 30 to 40 on a court at a time while running fitness and other session both on the court and outside.

Dikana has grown up in Chiawelo Soweto and has taken squash in Chiawelo as one of his primary responsibilities.
He has been interview on both Jozi FM and Soweto TV about the squash program and has been the main driver of the squash month in Soweto.

He has made great strides toward the new wave of squash players in our province.He is also growing on the court in his own game and has gone from playing 6th or 7th league to winning matches in 2nd league in less that a year.
He is as passionate about the sport as he is to help kids and he has changed the lives of many kids for the great good of South Africa.

Dikana has paved the way for or new champions in the squash world!