“EgoliSquash is the outreach and mass participation program  of Joburg Squash.”

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire.It has the power to unite people in a way that little else can. Sports can awaken hope where there was previously only despair.” …Nelson Mandela

Many of the young people across the communities of Gauteng in South Africa live  in marginalized areas with little or no hope for a meaningful and productive future.  Our focus is on creating “positive” behavior, in the midst of these circumstances.

We empower young people, by providing them with the  platform and environment to be the best version of  themselves. We focus on the enablement of our holistic  youth empowerment model that features sport, training  sessions on peer life skills development, team building,  youth activation as well as academic support.

We foster access to sport and healthy lifestyle, to contribute towards  youth becoming less prone to be involved in negative activities, which  leads to safer and more cohesive communities. We achieve this by  providing opportunities to engage in productive activities, develop  leadership capabilities, life & work skills and strengthening young  people’s resilience to the hardships of life.

We engage vulnerable young people  in activities that  challenge them to develop skills, lead a heathy lifestyle, gain  critical awareness, and participate in opportunities to create  change in their communities.

Education Access, Beating Poverty and Unlocking Prosperity.

Our Homework Support and Bursary programmes create a deep well of opportunities for the less privileged learners and creates a window of opportunity to realize their potential.

Community Service Program

EYE engages its youths to partake in community outreach programmes to teach them to be helpful and make a difference in other people’s lives as well.

Youth Skills Development

Our EYE graduates are given an opportunity to become junior coaches in our program and enablingthem to continue playing and growing through squash.

Amaqhawekazi: Women in Sport

The program aims to bring about a sustainable change that builds a positive future for girls’ participation in lifelong physical activity.

Youth Empowerment & Life Skills

The program offers guidance, disseminate information on stages of growth, puberty emotional changes, STIs and HIV/AIDS, early pregnancies, alcohol abuse, crime and other life issues that may  affect the Inner-city, Soweto and Alex youths.

COLTS Future/ Emerging Champions Program

Our  intensive high-performance programme with highly effective  systems that have  been  put into place over  the  years.  These  include weekly  scheduled High-Performance  sessions,  performance nutritional education, strength and conditioning session and other development structures.

Schools Mass Participation Program

Working with our donors, we provide equipment and run training sessions free of charge to all participants. We have been able to build a new court and refurbish a court in Soweto to ensure the  continuity, as there is a major shortage of facilities. Each centre will, in the long term, have a full  fitness circuit to maintain and enhance the training levels.

EYE is working hard to address social issues by making sport, health lifestyle and fitness program that is  accessible and helps to increase a disadvantaged child’s chances of achieving excellence in sport, inschool and in life.

Partner with School Governing Boards (SGBs) and Sports Coordinators from the Inner-city, Soweto and  Alex areas and in order to promote the sport of squash as a sporting code. To date, we have partnered  with 20 High Schools and 15 Primary Schools.

Engage learners to play competitive squash within our Egolisquash Inner-city and Soweto Clusters  Leagues network.

Facilitate local tournaments during public holidays such as the Heritage Day and Youth Day, and have  enabled School Challenges to ensure that learners have more game time to further develop their playing  levels.

Facilitate projects and partnerships that focus on addressing imbalances in our communities. We  currently have 20 development projects targeted at Inner-city and Soweto Youths, targeting Deaf  Learners and Women in Sport

Street Racket is an innovative and versatile movement game; which is a game played with a bat and ball, and a subconscious way to develop learning skills such as basic arithmetic, logic and fun games. We have introduced this sport to Johannesburg Inner-city, Soweto and Alex schools.

“ We are successfully utilizing social media as a powerful way to gain positive  exposure and connect with the communities that we serve. We have received  coverage through various media streams.

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