“ Significant opportunities exist within the sport and the EYE team is excited to pursue those opportunities. The  next year will see us:

  • Growing our Mass Participation Programme to attract more youths from around the country.
  • Building on the Colts Future Champions Programme by providing the best structured support and training environment that produces a strong pool of competitive Colts players capable of performing successfully both at national and international competitions.
  • Continue to provide opportunities for academic excellence for as many children as possible and empower them to become competent, confident and responsible South African citizens.
  • Strengthen our Homework Support programme to include partnerships with like- minded organizations such as The Link, ASSA Maths and Science and others.
  • Leverage our Life Skills programme and ensure our youth are empowered to make wise decisions and live normal healthy lives.
  • Commit to building organizational capacity that improves and enhances Egolisquash’s ability to achieve its mission and sustain itself over time.
  • Continue to place emphasis on sport, especially to meet the socio-economic challenges presented by a rapidly increasing and youthful population, cultural change and more affluent lifestyles.
  • Ensure that the physical and psychological benefits of sports are also experienced by persons with special needs